Pro­to­col Moni­tor Trans­mit List

Sin­ce firm­ware ver­si­on 2.2, the CAN­touch has the opti­on of sen­ding sequen­ces in addi­ti­on to simp­le or cyclic tele­grams. Sequen­ces are a seri­es of several CAN messages with defi­ned wai­t­ing times bet­ween the messages. Sequen­ces can also be repeated cyclically.

The XML file “can­touch. docu­ment. app. can­mo­ni­tor. trans­mit. xml” used for this func­tion can be edi­ted on the PC.

Any text edi­tor can be used for edi­t­ing the file, but an edi­tor with “code high­ligh­ter” is recom­men­ded. One pos­si­bi­li­ty is the free pro­gram notepad++.

Plea­se refer to this PDF file for pos­si­ble settings.

An edi­t­ing of the trans­mit list and thus this file is also pos­si­ble direct­ly in the CANtouch.

Impor­ting and expor­ting the file in the CAN­vi­si­on Pro­to­col Moni­tor opens up sim­pli­fied edi­t­ing opti­ons. The func­tion can be tes­ted in CANvision’s tri­al mode, wher­eby edi­t­ing and expor­ting do not have to take place during the tri­al peri­od, but remain acti­va­ted without time limit.

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