CAN­touch does not reco­gni­ze the baud rate

The CAN­touch is nor­mal­ly using only baud rates that are given in the stan­dards of the dif­fe­rent bus systems.
You are using baud rates that vary from the­se stan­dards. The CAN­touch does not reco­gni­ze this.

Plea­se check your firm­ware ver­si­on first. You must have a ver­si­on > 1.89 to use the fol­lowing function.
If necessa­ry update your firm­ware first.

Con­nect the CAN­touch at your PC using USB. Dri­ve N1 will show up in Explorer.
Edit file using a text edi­tor (note­pad for instance) the line

and replace the “0” by a “1”. Save the file. After dis­con­nec­ting the USB all baud rates can be used.

If you need a spe­cial baud rate, which is uncom­mon, then plea­se don’t hesi­ta­te to con­ta­ct us.

Atten­ti­on! This FAQ is only valid for firm­ware ver­si­ons up to and inclu­ding 2.20.

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