How to install a soft­ware update

Down­load the actu­al file to your computer.
Con­nect the CAN­touch using USB and switch it on.

Save your set­tings and mea­su­re­ments, as they may be lost during the update. This is espe­cial­ly the case if the fac­to­ry set­tings are res­to­red after the update.
Copy all files into a direc­to­ry on your PC and copy only real­ly nee­ded files back after the update (set­tings, par­ti­ci­pant lists etc.).

Copy the down­loa­ded file to root fol­der at dri­ve N1 of the device.

Dis­con­nect the USB and start the update at > Set­tings > Versions/​update.

As of soft­ware ver­si­on V2.30, this func­tion can be found under >Set­tings >Infor­ma­ti­on >Versions/​Updates.

After the instal­la­ti­on and an auto­ma­tic new boot, your CAN­touch is up to date.

CANtouch start software update

If you down­load the file mul­ti­ple times, Win­dows rena­mes it by adding a num­ber at the end.
The name of the file

22580-SW‑2.30-CANtouch. pkg

is repla­ced, for example

22580-SW‑2.30-CANtouch-(1). pkg

The CAN­touch can­not find such a ren­a­med soft­ware update. It is indi­ca­ted that no soft­ware update was found even though the file is phy­si­cal­ly pre­sent on the dri­ve. In this case, you must rena­me the file and remo­ve the num­bers and paren­the­ses that Win­dows appen­ded at the end of the filename.

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