Some hints for sym­bo­lic decoding

The sym­bo­lic deco­ding in CAN­touch makes it pos­si­ble to dis­play plain text ins­tead of HEX-data in the CAN mes­sa­ges. The nee­ded soft­ware tool CAN sym­bo­lic edi­tor to make the symx-files can be down­loa­ded free­ly from our down­load page. Within this tool, you can easi­ly edit all mes­sa­ges for deco­ding and defi­ne their con­tents. It is also pos­si­ble to sim­ply import a dbc-file.
Even on smal­ler net­works, you get quick­ly into a gre­at num­ber of dif­fe­rent CAN mes­sa­ges with much dif­fe­rent infor­ma­ti­on in it. The ana­ly­sis of all the­se mes­sa­ges is pos­si­ble with the CAN­touch, but they can­not be dis­play­ed all at once.
The dra­wing of pages with decoded signals is limi­t­ed to 100 rows (inclu­ding head­lines). To dis­play all infor­ma­ti­on any­way and get some more cla­ri­ty you should use watch­lists. Within the­se watch­lists, you choo­se signals to be dis­play­ed tog­e­ther. You could make a watch­list for pres­su­res or angles. Within ano­ther watch­list, you show sta­tus infor­ma­ti­on. By doing that you are not rea­ching the 100-row-limi­ta­ti­on and get some more cla­ri­ty too.
On the page with full deco­ding, it is easi­ly pos­si­ble to exceed the 100-row-limit. It is pos­si­ble that defi­ned values are not shown here becau­se the page ends at 100 rows. This does not mean the signals are not on the bus and are not recei­ved, they sim­ply could not be dis­play­ed all at one time.

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