Back­ground picture

You can use your CAN­touch with your indi­vi­du­al back­ground pic­tu­re. This could be your com­pa­nies logo or a fami­ly picture.
The dis­play can­not show high color depth, so, for instance, a color gra­di­ent could not be plea­sing to the eye.
After choo­sing a pic­tu­re you have to bring it to the right for­mat (272x420, 272x460 or 272x480 px) and con­vert it to PNG.
Then rena­me it to “background.png” and copy it to your CAN­touch USB drive.

As of firm­ware 2.3, the file must be pla­ced in the respec­ti­ve pro­ject fol­der if dif­fe­rent back­ground images are to be used in the pro­jects. Pla­ced in the root fol­der, the file is the default back­ground. A file “back­ground. png” in the pro­ject fol­der is loa­ded with priority.

(you can­not use the­se files as background.png)

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