Working with Projects

As of firm­ware ver­si­on 2.3, CAN­touch sup­ports the use of dif­fe­rent projects.

In a pro­ject, you mana­ge the spe­ci­fic data of an instal­la­ti­on. That includes:

  • CAN bus set­tings (baud rate, bit timing, time­out, ref. ground, bus active/​passive, SAE J1939 type)
  • Spe­cial baud rates (file can­touch. pro­per­ty. addi­tio­nal­baud­ra­tes. xml)
  • Rating set­tings (file can­touch. pro­per­ty. rating. xml)
  • Pre­de­fi­ned node lists for node mea­su­re­ment (for up to 16 buses or seg­ments in dif­fe­rent bus sys­tems, file can­touch. docu­ment. app. node­mea­su­re. con­fig. xml)
  • Sym­bol files for deco­ding messages in the pro­to­col moni­tor (» Sym­bol files » xxx. symx)
  • Send List in Pro­to­col Moni­tor (file can­touch. docu­ment. app. can­mo­ni­tor. trans­mit. xml)
  • Mea­su­re­ment data of all apps
  • Archi­ve files (archi­ved mea­su­re­ments of the App user mea­su­re­ment and Online Trig­ger, » Archi­ve)
  • Trace files (record­ings of the data traf­fic, » Trace­Files)
  • Screen­shots (» Screen­shots)
  • Back­ground image (file back­ground. png)

Pro­jects can be crea­ted, named and dele­ted direct­ly in the device. Spe­ci­fic dele­te of indi­vi­du­al mea­su­re­ment data types is also pos­si­ble in the pro­ject management.

By swit­ching to ano­t­her pro­ject (swit­ching to a dif­fe­rent instal­la­ti­on), the abo­ve-men­tio­ned set­tings and mea­su­re­ment data are com­ple­te­ly retai­ned in the old pro­ject. At a later chan­ge back, ever­ything fits again immedia­te­ly. Up to 100 pro­jects can be crea­ted. The list of crea­ted pro­jects is sor­ted by the assi­gned pro­ject names in alpha­be­ti­cal order.

If you have crea­ted several pro­jects, the name of the acti­ve pro­ject is dis­play­ed on the lock screen and in the Con­trol Center.

For examp­le, the tech­ni­ci­an of a cra­ne manu­fac­tu­rer wants to car­ry out mea­su­re­ments on a Seri­es A cra­ne. The cra­ne has four CAN bus­ses who­se nodes have been defi­ned in pre­de­fi­ned node lists. While the assem­bly runs on CANopen, the motor and dri­ve train are con­trol­led as usu­al with an SAE J1939 bus. The sub­scri­ber lists can be pre­de­fi­ned for both bus sys­tems. It crea­tes mea­su­re­ment archi­ves, traces the traf­fic data and also takes indi­vi­du­al screenshots.

After the tech­ni­ci­an has com­ple­ted his assign­ment, he is cal­led to a Seri­es B cra­ne equip­ped with only 2 CAN bus­ses. In his CAN­touch, he swit­ches to the “Seri­es B” pro­ject and now recei­ves a list of sui­ta­ble nodes for this sys­tem. Becau­se pro­blems in the phy­si­cal struc­tu­re of the plant have been iden­ti­fied, the eva­lua­ti­on cri­te­ria are less strict and the cor­re­spon­ding set­ting is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly app­lied. A sym­bol file exists for the body bus of this seri­es and the tech­ni­ci­an can read the data on the CAN­touch in deco­des to plain text while doing a test run. A spe­cial reset sequence has been pro­gram­med for the seri­es, the CAN­touch can send this sequence to the system.

While mea­su­re­ments are car­ri­ed out in the “Seri­es B” pro­ject, the data in the “Seri­es A” pro­ject remain unaf­fec­ted. Sym­bol files and trans­mis­si­on lists in” Pro­ject B” are not dis­play­ed in “Pro­ject A” becau­se they would have no use there.

The mea­su­re­ment data of the device are to be eva­lua­ted later. All mea­su­re­ment data of the first cra­ne are stored in the Pro­jects > Seri­es A fol­der, while the mea­su­re­ment data of the second cra­ne are stored in the Pro­jects > Seri­es B fol­der. In older firm­ware ver­si­ons, the data were not stored in sepa­ra­te fol­ders but in the order in which they were crea­ted, which makes it dif­fi­cult to assign them later.

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