Pro­blems with dri­ve N1

If Win­dows tells you that the­re are pro­blems with the CAN­touch dri­ve N1, then you should take heed of it.
The dri­ve is a flash-memo­ry wit­hin the device whe­re all your data is stored. It might cau­se pro­blems if you wri­te to the dri­ve and do not dis­con­nect pro­per­ly from Win­dows.
You can help yourself with this simp­le rou­ti­ne :

  • copy all files from dri­ve N1 to a fol­der – on your Desk­top for instance
  • for­mat dri­ve N1
  • copy all files from the fol­der back to dri­ve N1