Fieldbus dia­gno­stics for CAN-based bus systems

Which of the GEMAC Fieldbus Tools would help you most?

CAN-Bus Tester GT3 - Test now!
The smart and intui­ti­ve mobi­le dia­gno­stic device for phy­si­cal and logi­cal layers.
Pro­to­col ana­ly­sis tools as if made from one piece.
CANalarm Diagnosestecker
The cle­ver dia­gno­sis tool for logi­cal bus analysis.
The clas­sic mea­su­re­ment tool for phy­si­cal and logi­cal lay­er analysis.
Which can do what ?
Set­up /​Start­up****-***
Phy­si­cal Lay­er Measurements***--***
Pro­to­col Analysis**********
Long Time Monitoring********
Trou­ble Shooting*****-***


For a more detail­ed table with the sin­gle mea­su­re­ments of the phy­si­cal lay­er dia­gno­sis tools, plea­se have a look at this page.

The­re is also an FAQ post with even more detail­ed comm­ents: CAN­touch vs. CAN-Bus Tes­ter 2, the decis­i­on.