After the firm­ware update, node mea­su­re­ment is dis­play­ed as locked

Even with a valid licen­se, the node mea­su­re­ment is dis­play­ed as if the­re was no licen­se avail­ab­le. The app can­not be started.

The rea­son for this is the reset to basic set­ting of the device after the firm­ware update is finis­hed. Under » Set­tings » CAN-Bus » Bus sys­tem you have to select the right bus sys­tem for you. After­ward, the app can be used again as usual.

The set­ting can also be seen on the icon of the App sub­scri­ber mea­su­re­ment. The set bus sys­tem is dis­play­ed in the upper part of the icon.

reset set­ting of the bus sys­tem after FW update > App disabled

Bus sys­tem set­ting sui­ta­ble for the exis­ting license

For soft­ware ver­si­on 2.3 this set­ting is no lon­ger necessa­ry. If licen­ses for several bus sys­tems are avail­ab­le, the set­ting can be made direct­ly in the node mea­su­re­ment app.

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