Assign­ment of D‑Sub9 socket on CAN­touch and CAN-Bus Tes­ter 2

The CAN sockets of the CBT2 and the CAN­touch are assi­gned accor­ding to CiA DS-102 and CiA 303 – 1 respectively.
You can down­load the­se stan­dards after regis­tering with CiA.

In the wiring test you can call up the nor­mal assign­ment for dif­fe­rent con­nec­tion sockets. For the CAN­touch, the appro­pria­te licen­se is required.

The manu­al of the CAN­touch con­ta­ins the assign­ment of the D‑Sub9 socket:

Pro­be adap­ter on CAN bus Tes­ter 2

The con­nec­tion “Pro­be-Adap­ter” of the CBT2 is not com­ple­te­ly assi­gned. Only CAN_​H and CAN_​L, as well as the shield, are con­nec­ted there.

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