How to load a new licen­se file

You recei­ved the licen­se file (*.cbt2lic) by email. Save this file at a place you remem­ber, your desk­top for instance.

Con­nect your tes­ter at your com­pu­ter using the USB cable.
Start the CAN-Bus Tes­ter 2 – App­li­ca­ti­on Soft­ware.
Click> Help > About CAN-Bus-Tes­ter 2 in the menu.

Now click  at the lower right cor­ner in the new win­dow and choo­se the licen­se file you just saved from the email.
The file will open and load to your tes­ter and you can use the new func­tions.

Plea­se note that the licen­se is for one tes­ter with a spe­ci­fic seri­al num­ber only and can only be used with this one device.

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