Import of CAN­touch trace data

CAN­touch Trace data can be impor­ted into the pro­to­col monitor.
Start the pro­to­col moni­tor CAN recei­ve. With the func­tion » File » Import » CAN­touch trace load the file from the memo­ry of the device wit­hin the fol­der TraceFiles.Symbolic deco­ding is only done when you load the SYMX-file befo­re the import of the data. Do that at » View » Sym­bo­lic Deco­ding (if the column is not view­ed) and then click the but­ton Con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on » Add.

Impor­ting and deco­ding can also be done in the CAN­vi­si­on cli­ents CANopen or SAE J1939.

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