CAN­vi­si­on licen­se model

The CAN­vi­si­on Star­ter Kit con­tains the don­gle for sto­ring licen­ses as the key part. As soon as you order a licen­se, you will also need the Star­ter Kit. If you alrea­dy have a CAN­vi­si­on don­gle, you can acti­va­te addi­tio­nal licen­ses the­re. You will always recei­ve the licen­se file by e‑mail and not tog­e­ther with the don­gle. It is only valid for one don­gle with its seri­al num­ber.

The instal­la­ti­on of a licen­se on the don­gle is simp­le.

  • Plug in the don­gle
  • Start CAN­vi­si­on
  • Open info win­dow Help > Info
  • click but­ton “Load licen­se file”
  • Select licen­se file and click OK

An unlo­cked don­gle can easi­ly be moved from one PC to ano­t­her. It turns the tri­al ver­si­on into a full ver­si­on at the moment of con­nec­tion and vice ver­sa. The purcha­sed licen­ses switch the cor­re­spon­ding pro­gram parts to the full ver­si­on, the other pro­gram parts can be addi­tio­nal­ly used in tri­al mode.

The modu­lar struc­tu­re with indi­vi­du­al licen­ses allows an inex­pen­si­ve ent­ry without unne­cessa­ry bal­last. For examp­le, if you only need the SAE J1939 deco­der, you don’t have to buy an expen­si­ve basic licen­se with fea­tures you actual­ly don’t need.

Plea­se also note this arti­cle about net­work using.

Tri­al mode allows you to test the soft­ware without a don­gle. Plea­se refer to the fol­lowing table for restric­tions.


Don­gle (Star­ter kit) requi­rednoyes
Net­work share to LAN
(Micro­soft Bon­jour ser­vice)
Sharing of CAN inter­faces
Using Shared Inter­faces
Import and decode CAN­touch trace files /​export in CSV for­mat5 min.yes
CAN /​CAN FD Recei­ve
Sym­bo­lic deco­ding

5 min.yes
CANopen /​CANopen FD
Recei­ve and Decode

5 min.yes
SAE J1939 /​NMEA2000 /​ISOBUS
Recei­ve and Decode

5 min.yes