Tes­ter shows non­e­xis­tend error-frames

First of all plea­se update your soft­ware if this pro­blem hap­pens to you. The­re was an error in syn­chro­niza­ti­on befo­re ver­si­on 4.6.3.

Bes­i­de this, it might be that your CAN-Bus Tes­ter 2 or your CAN­touch are show­ing error-frames that are not exis­tent on your bus. Becau­se the tes­ters are nor­mal­ly pas­si­ve devices which are non­re­ac­ti­ve and the­r­e­fo­re can not send their error frames to other nodes, the­se “unre­al error-frames” are not visi­ble to the other nodes. At acti­vat­ing the pro­to­col moni­tor the devices beco­me acti­ve nodes and then send their acti­ve error-frames. In this case, they react just like a node at the same posi­ti­on with iden­ti­cal bit-timing.

The tes­ters are con­fi­gu­red to a strin­gent bit timing that is given in the CiA stan­dards. They might show errors if your bus is not using the same strin­gent bit timing.

You find a reme­dy by con­fi­gu­ring the same bit timing in the tester.

Basi­cal­ly, you could also use a very tole­rant bit timing. This is like clo­sing your eyes for the bit timing rela­ted pro­blems, the tes­ter will be fine with almost ever­y­thing. You have to balan­ce pros and cons on this.

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