The CAN­touch can be cali­bra­ted with firm­ware after 1.88.

This func­tion was imple­men­ted after gre­at demand. It boosts the accu­ra­cy of the show­ed abso­lu­te data.
All devices are cali­bra­ted from the fac­to­ry (after seri­al num­ber 22580 – 00/​00102). A year­ly cali­bra­ti­on is sug­gested, even while it is not necessa­ry for the mea­su­rement. Of cour­se, you can use the device also wit­hout year­ly cali­bra­ti­ons.
The cali­bra­ti­on can only be done by the manu­fac­tu­rer.

You find the cer­ti­fi­ca­te of the last cali­bra­ti­on in the menu at >Set­tings >Infor­ma­ti­on > Cali­bra­ti­on.