30 days Tri­al Time

Not activa­ted func­tions in the basic licen­se can be tested all in one time for 30 days and tested to its full extent. Kind­ly note that this could be done only one time and the 30 days are not brea­ka­ble.

Start the tri­al time
Choo­se a good point for activa­ti­on of the tri­al time. You will need time to eva­lua­te the new func­tions.
Click one of the locked apps or > Set­tings > Licen­ses fol­lo­wed by Start Tri­al Time.
Break at this point to activa­te the tri­al time later.

End of Tri­al Time
Now you have an idea which func­tions you will have with the dif­fe­rent licen­ses.
When the tri­al time is over, a licen­se file is nee­ded to activa­te the mea­su­rements. Buy your licen­se file now in our shop. Pay only for the func­tion you real­ly need.
The activa­ti­on of a licen­se is pos­si­ble at any time, befo­re – while – or after the tri­al time.

» locked apps in the main menu

» Start of tri­al time, plea­se read the mes­sa­ge

» 30 days trail time activa­ted

» 12 days tri­al time remain

» tri­al time is over

» a licen­se file with every licen­se is instal­led