Trunk and drop line lengths

Sug­gested maxi­mum lengths of trun­kli­nes and dro­pli­nes
baud ratemax. trunk line lengthmax. drop line lenghtmax. lenght of all drop linesmax. drop line lenght at mul­ti­port tapmax. lenght of trun­kli­nes with mul­ti­port tap (wit­hout dro­pli­nes)
50 kbit/​s1000 m50 m250 m--
125 kbit/​s500 m20 m100 m4,8 m310 m
250 kbit/​s250 m10 m50 m2,4 m120 m
500 kbit/​s100 m5 m25 m1,2 m66 m
1 Mbit/​s20 m1 m5 m0,3 m13 m

The same length restric­tions app­ly in the CAN FD net­work. The infor­ma­ti­on in the table refers to the arbi­tra­ti­on baud rate.

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Sug­gested bit timing and bus length

It is important for smooth ope­ra­ti­on of the com­pon­ents – espe­ci­al­ly when the maxi­mum bus lengths are reached – to use exac­t­ly the same bit timing in all nodes.

The ten CAN com­man­dments

By fol­lo­wing the most important basic princi­ples, you can ensu­re safe ope­ra­ti­on of even com­plex bus struc­tures with suf­fi­ci­ent inter­fe­rence reser­ves.

Why mea­su­re on phy­si­cal lay­er ?

What gain in know­ledge can you expect when you mea­su­re your CAN bus on the phy­si­cal level ?

ISOBUS measurement with GEMAC tools
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