CAN­touch Soft­ware Ver­si­on 2.0

The soft­ware for our fiel­dbus dia­gnostic devices gets con­stant­ly impro­ved. Not least becau­se we get value­ab­le hints and sug­ges­ti­ons from our custo­mers they have been grown to real­ly power­ful tools. Wit­hin this last update the app “Node Mea­su­rement” was chan­ged and extended.

Pre-defi­ned node lists

With pre-defi­ned node lists you are able to defi­ne who­le machi­nes. This fea­ture is for a final inspec­tion and for ser­vice tech­ni­ci­ans, who have to mea­su­re iden­ti­cal­ly built machi­nes again and again. For ins­tan­ce, it is pos­si­ble to pre-defi­ne all series of exca­va­tors of a manu­fac­tu­rer in the­se lists. The ser­vice tech­ni­ci­an choo­ses the cor­re­spon­ding list (for ins­tan­ce the respec­tive exca­va­tor serie) and the names and ID’s of the nodes are shown instant­ly on screen. Such a one time defi­ned list is clea­rer and the­re­fo­re easier to hand­le than lists whe­re all names are “CAN messa­ge” or ” CANo­pen node”. Also the order of the nodes can be defined.

The pos­si­bi­li­ty to name the nodes makes it easier to trou­ble­shoot. One has not to read the docu­men­ta­ti­on to know, wich node has ID 18A, the CAN­touch shows clear­ly the entry’s names even while measuring.

With a pre-defi­ned list it is easier to reco­gni­ze mis­sing nodes. Wit­hin a not working machi­ne all other nodes can work pro­per­ly. The mis­sing node will of cour­se not come up on node scan, the­re­fo­re you get no indi­ca­ti­on of the problem.
When the mis­sing node is in a pre-defi­ned list, the mea­su­rement goes into time­out when it doesn’t find messa­ges from it. So you instant­ly get an indi­ca­ti­on for the error at the first measurement.

Plea­se also read this arti­cle wit­hin our FAQ about how to defi­ne and use the­se lists.

Easier ope­ra­ti­on and more clarity

Ano­t­her improv­ment was imple­men­ted in the sin­gle node mea­surment. It is now pos­si­ble to chan­ge the mea­su­red node while mea­su­ring. The­re­fo­re it is no lon­ger necessa­ry to press Stop-Switch-Start.

The name of the choo­sen node is shown while mea­su­ring, if it is given in the pre-defi­ned list. This also app­lies to the All-Node-Mea­su­rement screen.

Bus sta­tus screen

Also the CAN­touch gets like the CAN-Bus Tes­ter 2 the high­ly accu­ra­te dis­play of Bus Traf­fic Load with tenths of per­cent con­s­i­de­ring of CAN- and CAN-FD frames. Detec­ted CAN-frames are shown with a sym­bol. Reco­gni­ced CAN-FD-frames are shown in the same place. The­se are cal­cu­la­ted into the Bus Traf­fic Load, but are igno­red at all other measurements.

Dezem­ber 2016


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