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Com­pa­ring phy­si­cal lay­er CAN dia­gnostic devices

Which phy­si­cal lay­er mea­su­ring device can do what?

The ten CAN commandments

The ten com­man­dments for CAN paint important basics for hitch-free bus running.
iot, industry 4.0, cloud

IoT, Indus­try 4.0, Cloud

How a tool of the GEMAC was far ahead of its time.

Com­mon mode vol­ta­ge, Ground shift

Explana­ti­on how com­mon mode vol­ta­ge come into being and what to do that it is not get­ting too big.


The smart and intui­ti­ve mobi­le dia­gnostic device for phy­si­cal and logi­cal layers.


Pro­to­col ana­ly­sis tools as if made from one piece.
CANalarm Diagnosestecker


The cle­ver dia­gno­sis tool for logi­cal bus analysis.


Per­ma­nent moni­to­ring the phy­si­cal lay­ers of your bus.

CAN‑Bus Tes­ter 2

The clas­sic mea­su­re­ment tool for phy­si­cal and logi­cal lay­er analysis.