Ixxat CAN­o­b­ser­ver, firm­ware­up­date not possible

Some years ago Ixxat orde­red a spe­cial ver­si­on of the CAN­o­b­ser­ver (PR-22560 – 00) with firm­ware­ver­si­on 1.17 /1.18 and Ixxat bran­ding at GEMAC. This ver­si­on is based on a out­da­ted ver­si­on of Java and does not work on modern computers.

Newer firm­ware ver­si­ons with a modern user inter­face based on HTML5 requi­re the GEMAC-ver­si­on of CAN­o­b­ser­ver (PR-22550 – 00)

We offer to exchan­ge the old Ixxat CAN­o­b­ser­ver to the actu­al GEMAC-ver­si­on. You get an dis­count on the new devices when you send in your old devices. Future firm­ware updates and func­tion exten­si­ons are then free of char­ge for you.

Plea­se con­tact our sup­port.

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