Auto­ma­ted con­trol of CANobserver

The built-in SNMP ser­ver in the CAN­ob­ser­ver allows auto­ma­ted con­trol of the device and eva­lua­ti­on of the mea­su­re­ment data.
This makes it pos­si­ble, for examp­le, to per­form an auto­ma­ted good test of the phy­si­cal qua­li­ty values in the final accep­t­ance of devices.

First, the cor­rect set­tings for the Read Com­mu­ni­ty and Wri­te Com­mu­ni­ty must be ent­e­red. The default values are shown in the screenshot.

SNMP settings CANobserverMIB browser settings

In the CAN­ob­ser­ver the necessa­ry MIB files can be found in the menu item Device > SNMP > Mib files.

MIB files download location

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