Sup­port of Win­dows 7/8/8.1/10

The pro­duc­tion of CAN-Bus Tes­ter was clo­sed in 2007 and repla­ced by CAN-Bus Tes­ter 2. The soft­ware was not updated sin­ce 2003, which is com­pa­ti­ble with Win­dows XP.
In gene­ral, the soft­ware is not run­ning on newer Win­dows ope­ra­ting sys­tems. It might work on a 32-bit Win­dows 7, some cus­to­mers told us. The­re­fo­re we can­not give any war­ran­ty. Basi­cal­ly, we encou­ra­ge you to chan­ge the old CBT to the CBT2 or CAN­touch if you pre­fer a mobi­le device. The mea­su­ring pro­ce­du­re is high­ly impro­ved and gives accu­ra­te and mea­ning­ful sco­ring of the phy­si­cal lay­er values of the bus. The soft­ware for CBT2 and CAN­touch is still under deve­lo­p­ment and gets improvement.

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