Annu­al­ly cali­bra­ti­on of the mobi­le dia­gnostic device CAN­touch

The stan­dard for mea­su­ring devices recom­mends a regu­lar cali­bra­ti­on of mea­su­ring devices to com­pa­nies – for instance, every twel­ve mon­ths. GEMAC – Gesell­schaft für Mikro­elek­tronik­an­wen­dung Chem­nitz mbH ans­wers to this requi­re­ment with its new ser­vice offer, the cali­bra­ti­on of CAN­touch®. All new devices are deli­ve­r­ed cali­bra­ted. It is recom­men­ded to repeat the cali­bra­ti­on annu­al­ly to adjust the CAN input cir­cuit of the device and to res­to­re the mea­su­ring accu­ra­cy, if necessa­ry. As of now, the cali­bra­ti­on of CAN­touch, which can be per­for­med by GEMAC only, is offe­red optio­nal­ly.

The cali­bra­ti­on pro­to­col showing the date of the latest cali­bra­ti­on as well as a note when the re-cali­bra­ti­on is recom­men­ded is stored in the device its­elf. This cali­bra­ti­on pro­to­col can addi­tio­nal­ly be orde­red as a pdf file.

Certificate of Calibration

April 2016


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